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Sebastián Patané Masuelli - Arts
El Museo del Barrio is taking the temperature of the contemporary art scene with it's fifth biennial. NY1's Stephanie Simon filed the following report on the exhibit. 
By STEPHANIE SIMON - At El Museo del Barrio, with its biggest biennial, or bienal, ever, there is something behind every corner. 

“This piece by Patane Masuelli is one of the pieces I like most because it was the most surprising,” said the museum’s director Julian Zugazugoitia. “So he is working in the interstitial spaces, or spaces that are technical spaces. So here you will see a very poetic room he created and it’s like a dreamscape and it is really between walls of the museum.” 

Its fifth biennial is called S Files and it showcases New York-based Latino artists. Some of it feels hyper local like, like one photograph of an East Harlem ice-cream truck driver. 

“They are a recreation of everyday life of Latino immigrants in their in environment and I dressed them as superheroes,” explained the artist Dulce Pinzon. “This is like a satirical documentary fiction that I started two and a half years ago in the intention to pay a tribute to the Latino workers and the immigrant's workers to the American society.” 
But it's also a very international exhibit, with 51 artists from more than a dozen countries. In a light installation piece, artist Cesar Cornejo makes a statement on our global culture and what gets lost in translation. 

“In this work I tried to present that transformation: language, cultural, general,” said Cornejo. “And in a way, the transformers do that to the light and then you'll see how the intensity of both, even though being from the same watts strength, they come differently from the change in the transformers.” 
Bienal is the Spanish word for biennial, which, of course, means every two years. But, like art, itself, the word is open to interpretation. 

“We're Latinos, so if it was every two years exactly, it would not be Latino that would be in Germany perhaps, or Switzerland; they are very precise,” said Zugazugoitia. “We are two years and something.” 
The exhibit opens to the public on Wednesday, July 25th and runs through January 6, 2008. For more information on this even and others at the museum go to www.elmuseo.org. 

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