Frederico Sève, Violy McCausland and Michelle Harper

     Frederico Sève, Violy McCausland and Michelle Harper


Exhibits and promotes artists from Latin America and Spain in an international context. Our aim is to assist collectors, art professionals and academics to discover, view and purchase works that transcend territorial boundaries. In addition to our critically acclaimed exhibitions, Frederico Sève/latincollector has offered lectures and panel discussions, organized film screenings, and hosted the annual benefits for Studio in a School and Aid for AIDS. Since 2001 we have gained the recognition and respect of the local and international community as a trusted source of information on Latin American art. 





 Frederico Sève is the founder of Frederico Sève Gallery/latincollector. His trajectory as an art dealer dates back to 1965 when he opened, along with his brother, Luiz Seve, the pioneering Galeria de Arte Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Seve has the ability and vision to spot and promote the work of emerging artists. Thus upon moving to New York he founded latincollector with his wife, Violy McCausland.


Violy McCausland is the president and founder of Violy & Company, a financial advising firm specialized in finding proper solutions to diverse challenges faced by private and multinational companies. Throughout her 20 year trajectory in USA, Latin America and Europe, Violy stands out as one of the most creative and efficient professionals in the market. In addition to founding latincollector, Violy is a recognized collector and supporter of the arts.