Angela Freiberger and Yana Kraeva • Body Recycling

Figment, Imagination island, Governors Island

We will create 7 to 14 sculptures that consider the interaction and relationship between humans and nature and our thoughts about the role of the human species on the Earth. At the beginning of the performance we cut out square pieces of nylon fabric, then we trace different parts of our and audience's bodies [head, feet, etc.] onto the nylon surface.

2007 Governors Island, New York   Photography by Maira Donoso

2007 Governors Island, New York
Photography by Maira Donoso

We fill the outlines with cotton and plant sprouted wheat seeds into the cotton. As time passes the sprouts start growing, transforming the outlines of our bodies, connecting the idea of bodies back to nature.                                                                                                                                    By planting new life in our own image and thus envisioning nature as ourselves we invite a positive and constructive relationship with nature that can be a solution for contemporary environmental problems. We are striving to demonstrate the potential for reconstructing our lost relationship and return back to Mother Nature with peace. The performance implies a message of action encouraging the viewer to awaken and relate to the urgency of the growing problems with our environment and ourselves.