The Chromatic Structures of Fanny Sanin, 1974-2007

“For the city of Rome, accustomed to great artists, it will be a privilege to receive the Colombian master painter Fanny Sanín at the Gallery of the Instituto Italo-Latino Americano. After a few minutes of attentively examining the paintings, trying to decipher the equation of its narrative, I decide to let myself be taken in by the rhythm of its multicolor geometry. Then, Fanny’s ouvre begins to transform itself as a catalyst between the critical thought and the meditative experience of the abstract language, which allows and looks for the interior relaxation that without violence cleanses the mental murmur and reactive thought, and permits us to reach our inner silence. Is as if the mind ceased its “judicious” action letting it be rocked in its entirety in the world of the senses where colors grow, intensify and surround us. 
It is a game of the mind which needs to be freed from the nervous attachment to control and the common linguistic codification. Only then, the geometry of the work appears accessible and sweet. All that is needed is to let yourself be taken in.” Patricia Rivadeneira, Cultural Secretary, Instituto Italo-Latino Americano, Exhibition catalogue, Introduction

“Fanny Sanín is probably the most understated international painter of stature that Colombia has produced in the last thirty years. The three decades represented in this exhibition attest to her evolution within the realm of geometric abstraction, which she has approached with the same coherence, the same systematic and persistent work, that a mathematician would demonstrate in trying to find the solution to the most complicated of equations. And as happens in such a process, the elusive nature of multiple expressions appears to provoke the reformulation of its validity over and over again.” Félix Ángel, Exhibition Curator, Catalogue essay: The Chromatic Structures of Fanny Sanin, 1974-2007.